For those who don’t know what 4Chan is, it is an imageboard website where people anonymously post whatever the hell they want, and it has become quite the phenomenon over the years; becoming the driving force for just about every single internet meme’s inception and also playing host to some of the strangest things the world wide web has to offer. But this is unbridled territory, something which seems absurd. Anonymous members have remixed Kanye West’s 2016 album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and made it “twenty times darker in terms of lyrics and production” in the words of the main creator. Calling it ‘The Death Of Pablo’, it was always going to be a different flavour to the original, and what it gives us is something really quite bizarre and chilling.

The album was crafted thanks to a dream the creator keeps having about Kanye, stating that in the dream Kanye is the one releasing this album and making everything seem so much darker after the lower phase of his mental breakdown.

There are four songs on the album, the first of which is called ‘Ultralight Wall’ and samples both the original ‘Ultralight Beam’ song of Kanye’s and his track ‘Devil In A New Dress’ from his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album. It is of course absolutely crazy and nothing like the originals and the mood dampener it puts on the whole atmosphere is immensely deep. That is until we get the speech about French Fries which is just as crazy as everything 4chan get their hands on. “Washed Up” is insanity, speaking about the media’s obsession with him and overlapping them all to make a head pounding mesh. It also contains a live speech Kanye did at a show about the radio and it’s corruption. “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.3” treats us to a very disturbing piece of Kid Cudi moaning, where he genuinely sounds like he is being tortured alongside a very robotic and messed up instrumental. Finally, “Fade Pt.2” contains a 10 minute sequence in which Kanye talks about his deep and disturbing fears as well as what happens when you die, supported by a few minutes of absolute silence.

So all in all, this is hands down the weirdest thing I have ever listened to in my entire life and it just leaves you bemused, asking questions that aren’t there and wondering things that Kanye had no intention of opening within the release of ‘The Life of Pablo’. With this in mind, I would recommend listening to it, the link is here:



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