In 2010 at the tender age of 9, Willow Smith released the track ‘Whip My Hair’ which went platinum in America and slowly but surely was not to be heard of in mainstream music for years. A similar story could be told with her older brother Jaden Smith who after a terrible remake of ‘Karate Kid’ went on to feature in a JB song in 2010, and like his sister he was not to be heard in mainstream music again. As much as I hate to admit it the musical careers of the two of them began very poorly, fueled by their famous parents they reached success at a very young age, and no doubt in my mind they had no creative input in what they did. Fast forward 7 years and they are slowly changing the game.

The pair of them now ooze creativity, as members of the MSFTS Republic , Jaden and Willow have excelled themselves in recent years, Willow with a surprisingly amazing singing voice, and Jaden has a wicked flow with his style of rap which is unique to the new modern era. Songs like ‘Offering’ ‘PCH’ have proven the talent of both these youngsters and proven that the sky is the limit for them both. Jaden Smith will be releasing his album ‘SYRE’ later this year, Willow will most likely drop an album too along with other members of the MSFTS. In recent times the pair have worked with some big stars such as Post Malone, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and Jhene Aiko. Their stock is constantly rising and this year should be their biggest year yet in music.

Jaden made my ‘Ones To Watch In 2017’ as well as my ‘Top 10 Underrated Rappers’ coming in at number 4. I prefer him to Willow, without disrespecting Willow in any way, I just love Jaden’s creativity and flow, he’s one of the most diverse rappers in the game right now. The irritating part for me is for all the diversity and creativity the pair show, they usually get more criticism than praise. I compare Jaden Smith to Young Thug a lot, not in any terms of success or rap style, but just in a general case of craziness. Both are massively extrinsic characters, however Thug gets heaps of praise and Jaden gets none. I feel like Jaden and Willow don’t get the chance to prove themselves because of the judgement people made 7 long years ago, the pair of them are lit but people can be stubborn. I often wonder if someone had this kind of talent without famous parents they’d be more liked. Pretty much every artist has got some poor work from their pasts, it’s all part of growing and evolving and the Smith kids are no different.

Seriously guys please give them a listen! They’ve got some seriously underrated stuff and they will continue to do their thing for this year and many years to come, opening the ears to new sounds can only be a good thing.


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