Football and music. Mankind’s two greatest pastimes and both can make or break friendships with their highly divisive opinions. Despite their obvious differences, there are certain aspects of both which share some specific similarities. This is your chance to see what your favourite band or team would be like if they were to swap roles. From Arsenal to Leeds United, from Courteeners to Kasabian; this post is bound to divide opinion but also make you realise some home truths about some of the biggest names in each field.

The 1975 – Arsenal

Image result for the 1975Image result for arsenal

  • Think they’re better than they are
  • Play some unique and cool stuff
  • Never win trophies/awards
  • Often seen as a bit of banter to other fans
  • Brags about things that they don’t have


Arctic Monkeys – Manchester United

Image result for arctic monkeysImage result for manchester united logo

  • Been class for years
  • Dropped off a bit
  • Biggest in the country
  • Won’t reach the good old days of their absolute best again
  • Arrogant leaders
  • Annoying fans


Catfish & The Bottlemen – Newcastle United

Image result for catfish and the bottlemen 225x150Image result for newcastle united badge

  • Think they’re big but they’re dead in reality
  • Boring and unoriginal
  • Fans who don’t shut up
  • Always wear black
  • Won’t catch them ever winning a trophy


The Strokes – Liverpool

Image result for the strokes 225x150Image result for liverpool fc logo 200x200

  • Were absolutely amazing back in the day
  • Went through a slight banter period of shoddy work
  • On their way back to the top
  • Dead cool leaders
  • Fans always go on about the past
  • Conquered Europe


Kasabian – Chelsea

Image result for kasabian 225x150Image result for chelsea badge

  • Strolled in and took over
  • Brash and arrogant in their approach
  • Won loads of plaudits and trophies
  • They had a minor blip but they’re coming back and better than ever
  • Loud and in your face, often scruffy but effective


Foals – Tottenham

Image result for foals 220x150Image result for tottenham badge

  • Quietly gone about their business well for a while
  • Massively underrated for years
  • Lack of success but it’s been building for something special
  • 2015/16 they hit us with a bang and became big boys
  • Struggle overseas but one of the best in this country


Courteeners – Everton

Image result for the courteenersImage result for everton badge

  • It all started so well
  • Now they are garbage
  • Trying desperately to be hip and cool but failing miserably
  • Often reminded of the good times and how great they were
  • Die hard fans are pretty blinkered


Gorillaz – Manchester City

Image result for gorillaz 220x150Image result for manchester city badge

  • Came about from nowhere and shocked everyone
  • Splashed money on all sorts of extravagance
  • Conquered for a little bit and were a real force
  • They have lived on for a bit and are now ready for a big comeback
  • Properly cool and trendy leader who everyone is dead jealous of


Coldplay – Leeds United

Image result for coldplay 220x150Image result for leeds united

  • Had huge initial success and became absolute stars
  • Got far too carried away with what they had
  • Lost their way and ended up falling into irrelevancy
  • Tried being different and edgy to get people’s attention and it didn’t work
  • Look to have gone out with a tiny bang but not enough to get them back where they want


The Killers – West Ham United

Image result for the killers 220x150Image result for west ham united twitter

  • Been rubbish for years but nobody dare tell them
  • Famous for one song/player
  • No success in years and none coming to them in the future
  • Moved onto big things and completely flopped as a result
  • No appeal to them anymore

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