Prince’s music has finally been added to music streaming services and I for one am taking full advantage of the late icon’s discography being at my disposal. With a career that lasted over three decades, there certainly is a lot of greatness to be hear when clicking on Prince’s profile on Spotify or Apple Music, from the power and passion of the ‘Purple Rain’ album to the sexy charisma of ‘1999’. In this post I am going to give you some of my personal favourite songs from the legendary singer, spanning from the ludicrous to the heavenly. Be sure to tell me some of your favourites of his and if you enjoy this premise then let me know which other artists you’d like me to do this for.

D.M.S.R. – Released 1983

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As you can see from the single cover art, the initials of this track stand for ‘dance, music, sex, romance’, basically the four things Prince developed his mass reputation on. It’s a classic 80s putting your dancing shoes vibe and I guarantee some shapes are bust out all over the place when it gets played. A track which many consider to be on the level of the likes of ‘Kiss’ and ‘When Doves Cry’ without taking a step many plaudits and I’d be inclined to agree.

I Wanna Be Your Lover – Released 1979

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This was the first song I played after I heard the news of Prince’s death, it filled me with sorrow and regret that I had never got to witness the great man live, much like I felt about Michael Jackson when he passed away. This song just gives you feel good vibes from start to finish with it’s finger clicking instrumental and Prince’s quirky vocal delivery. The first track on his greatest hits album and the song I would probably say has the most relevance to my life of all his discography.

When Doves Cry – Released 1984

Prince doves.jpg

His greatest song, in my most humble of opinions. A quite stunning use of instruments as well as Prince’s greatest instrument of all, his unique voice. This was his first ever American number one, topping the charts for five weeks and going on to be the biggest selling song of that year, as well as being the last single to go platinum before the requirements were lowered in 1989. That is quite the CV for a track and it really gives plenty of validity to it’s inclusion on this list. It was also ranked as the 52nd best song of all time by Rolling Stone and the 2nd best of the 80s behind Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message. A quite stunning set of accolades for an equally stunning song.


Kiss – Released 1986

Image result for prince kiss

One of the slickest guitar licks you will ever hear which soon becomes a bouncing 80s beat behind some staggering vocals. Prince’s range on this track is earth shattering and often leaves you questioning how he managed to record it like that; as it sounds like his voice box could explode at any point. It is Prince’s third number one track and it isn’t necessarily difficult to see why with the layering of the instrumental and the sexy attitude of Prince himself on the vocals. This song very nearly didn’t get released for numerous reasons, including a disagreement with his label and a frustrating time within the demo sessions but we should feel eternally grateful that it was eventually released.

Purple Rain – Released 1984


I could hardly leave this off the list could I? Without doubt his most recognisable song and the title track of his career-defining 1984 album. Hard proof of his remarkable talents beyond simply songwriting, he also displayed an unbridled skill with his guitar playing on this song, creating one of the most iconic solos of all time at the end of this eight minute long epic of a track. After news of his tragic passing, this song soared the charts once again, topping the iTunes charts in both the UK and US, as well as reaching number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The term ‘Purple Rain’ is one that is somewhat of a signature with Prince now and in his words, what it means is this: “Purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain.” Thanks to this song, Prince became the first person in history to top the film, album and singles charts simultaneously, what a feat that is.



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