The wait is over, we have a new project from Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar, the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive and it’s hard to begrudge him that title looking at his track record. The buzz has been palpable and the amount of hype ‘Kung-Fu Kenny’ has been getting on social media upon this release is nothing short of monumental. I’ll have a review of the album soon but not yet for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will take plenty of listens to this for me to truly grasp how I feel about it, but mainly because a rumour has been doing the miles across the internet, a rumour which suggests ‘DAMN.’ might not be the only Kendrick project we are given this weekend.

There is plenty of reason to get behind these follow-up album rumours, mainly because it just makes so much sense and it is a typical Kendrick action to wow us and go that extra mile to achieve greatness. Let me give you somebody context, Kendrick dropped this album on Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was hung on the cross to die; a running theme in ‘DAMN.’ is Kendrick’s death, particularly in the first track. Three days later on Easter Sunday, Jesus resurrected from the dead, will Kendrick do the same and release an album implying such? This is backed up by iTunes initially showing the release date of ‘DAMN.’ as Easter Sunday before changing to Good Friday. If you thought that was crazy, there’s more.

SounwaveTDE, a member of Kendrick Lamar’s Top Dawg Entertainment label, last night tweeted “But what if I told you… that’s not the official version..” followed by a picture of Morpheus by The Matrix. Weird right? Just wait. In the reflection of Morpheus’ glasses you see a pill in each hand, one blue and one red.

Kendrick last night also changed his Spotify layout to him stood in front of a blue bricked wall. Must just be a coincidence surely? Wrong. On Kendrick’s comeback song ‘The Heart Part IV, he says “dropped one classic came right back, another classic right back, my next album the whole industry on the ice pack, with TOC.” ‘DAMN.’ could well be the classic he is talking about here and he’s planning to return with another one.

So what does “TOC” mean? Well many believe it to mean ‘the other colour’ which relates back to the red and blue pills. The first song on the album is ‘BLOOD.’ which has obvious red connotations, so when do we get ‘the other colour’ I wonder?

The album cover layout is interesting too, the M on the title ‘DAMN.’ is conveniently over the top of Kendrick’s head, appearing to create makeshift devil horns on his head. What is even more remarkable about this is that the rumours are pointing towards this new album being called ‘NATION.’ with the O being like a Halo placed over his head, certifying his biblical standing in society.

Whatever happens, we have been given a need Kendrick album so in usual circumstances that would leave us more than satisfied, but this isn’t any mere mortal we are talking about here, and if anyone could play the role of Jesus in today’s music industry, you’d probably say Kendrick fits the bill better than anyone.



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