On the 22nd May, the world was sent into a state of disarray and devastation when a terrorist attack was committed at the Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena during an Ariana Grande live show. 22 people were confirmed to have died at the event and it was a moment which truly shook not only the music world but us all. In response to this inexcusable act from that jumped up coward, Manchester and Ariana Grande responded in the way only they know; the joining of love and music together as one. A special event known as ‘One Love Manchester’ was scheduled for Sunday 4th June and the line up was colossal.

I could go on all day about who was there and how they sounded on this astonishing night, but that takes away from the true importance of the event and how special it was to witness. Ariana Grande deserves all the praise in the world for this, she has shown a bravery and maturity way beyond her 23 years and has instantly become a worldwide role model to not just music fans, but fans of life too. She managed to rally together some of music’s biggest names and even got Manc hero Liam Gallagher to fly back from Germany and perform on the same night. As well as this he even agreed to sing on stage with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, a man he has had a public rivalry with in the past, referring to him as a “geography teacher”. Basically she should be in the foreign office with negotiation skills like hers.

If you weren’t fighting back the tears when Ariana returned to the stage at the end to perform a powerful and moving rendition of her hit ‘One Last Time’, the final song she managed to perform before the attack took place on the night of the tragedy, then I question the warmth of your heart and compassion. As she soldiered on through floods of tears she was joined on stage by all the show’s stars and was joined vocally by the adoring and admiring crowd, making the song that much more poignant and special. Earlier in that night the Black Eyed Peas performed their 2002 hit ‘Where Is The Love?’ with many asking why the words to that emotional song are so true and up to date even now, questioning the progress we have made as compassionate human beings.

The whole event managed to raise a staggering £9m for the victims of the tragedy and above all it created a mesmerising sense of passion and emotion amongst all involved, from the superstar names of Bieber and Gallagher, to the everyday fans who witnessed devastation with their very eyes on that hallowed night at the MEN. It has given us all a fresh lease of life and made us realise that no matter how many bad people there are in this world, love conquers all and music is the greatest art of all for that notion.


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