Desert Island Discs Episode 5: Jack Nethercott

This week’s edition of Desert Island Discs sees a podcast regular in Jack Nethercott ditch his strong beliefs on hip-hop and the incompetence of others for a more laid back discussion on some of his favourite songs. There might be one or two you aren’t expecting in this one and there’s a nice spread of time between them so I think he managed to get a very nice balance. Find out what his five songs were here and of course, thank you very much to Jack for once again being a great sport and taking part in these; he is an absolute pleasure to have on and hear from. Tune in next week for another Desert Island Discs but until then, enjoy!



Desert Island Discs Episode 4: Danielle Tatton

This week’s Desert Island Discs is one I did with a friend before she jetted off to Prague on a placement and it is a really good one. Danielle really grasps the concept of the game and picks a great variety of songs for us to enjoy. From the depths of 00s R&B to a 2016 chart topper, have a listen and see what her choices are. Thank you for taking part Danielle and I hope you are loving life in Prague! If anyone else is interested in taking part then be sure to let me know.



Desert Island Discs Episode 3: Ellis Karran (me)

This week’s Desert Island Discs is a very special one because it will be my choices. Usually I am the host but I have given myself the responsibility to give you all my picks and see what you think of them. They vary from 2015 trap music to a 1980s classic so be sure to tune in and let me know what you think. As always I hope you enjoy and if you are interested in doing this then please be sure to speak to me and I am sure we can arrange it for you.

Desert Island Discs Episode 2: James Crossan

Here we have the second edition of Desert Island Discs on the Music 4 The Masses Podcast and after the success of the first one I am feeling very optimistic about the future of this series. This edition sees my coursemate James Crossan take on the desert and tell us his five songs, varying from early UK Rap to classic Manchester indie tunes. Big thanks to James for coming along and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did. Here it is, be sure to give it a listen and if you ever feel like taking part in this then do not hesitate to ask me.

Desert Island Discs Episode 1: Callum Galloway

This is the first episode in a series which I hope becomes a staple of my podcasts, something which certainly isn’t original but it is massively entertaining and intriguing to listen to. For the first episode of ‘Desert Island Discs’, in which my guest of each week will choose five songs to take with them on a desert island and have them be the soundtrack to the remainder of their life, is my good friend Callum Galloway and there are certainly some interesting choices in there for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to listen for yourself and have your say on these choices. As always thanks to Cal for taking part and hopefully you enjoy it.